Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Show me your Mug Shot!

I was so excited when Lily at Personal Creations contacted me about doing this post. If you hadn't noticed by the name of this blog, I love coffee. I don't just enjoy a cup or two in the morning, I drink it all day long. I was more than happy to post my mug shot and share the cute idea that Personal Creations came up with. This mug is one of my favorites. It has a smiley face and a nose! It makes me giggle when I use it. Most of the time I use my tumbler, mainly to keep the coffee hot longer. The other reason is, I'm a klutz. I trip over my own two feet and end up spilling my coffee [party fail]. My cup of coffee is usually Folger's Black Silk, but I do have an occasional latte. My dad recently got a Keurig, so when I'm over I can check out different brands/flavors.

So head over to Personal Creations and check out this blog post to learn more about the mug shots I think Kristina's mugshot is the cutest! If you post yours please tag is #PCMugshots and leave me a comment with the link. I'm interested to know more about your coffee love.

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