Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Beyond the Fence with Lucy

I'm making lasting memories with my dog in partnership with the Beyond the Fence Campaign. Dog Fence DIY encourages exploration beyond the fence!

I know that I've shown y'all our dog, Lucy, but I don't think I've went into details about her. Her name is Lucy Lou Woo, like Cindy Lou Whoo. Lucy is a King Charles Caviler Cocker Spaniel and Cocker Spaniel mix. We adopted Lucy from the Humane Society three years ago. She's 4 years old, and weighs 11 pounds after a hair cut.

Lucy loves to be outside. She is really great about staying with me even without her leash. As you can see from the picture above, she also loves car rides. Of course, there's not many dogs that don't . Lucy thinks she's the size of a Great Dane, and tries to chase the squirrels up the trees. Then there's other times at home when she thinks she's a cat, and on the very top of the couch.

Let me tell you about our outside adventure beyond the fenced in backyard. That morning, Lucy came to the bus stop with Nick & I. Nick really loves when she comes to the bus stop, and so does Lucy. Like any child, she is his best friend. Here are some pictures of them at the bus stop.

The  last picture is my favorite. I was lucky enough to be snapping photos when it happened. Lucy even got to go on the bus that day. Nick wanted to introduce her to all of his friends on the bus. Everyone loved her.

Lucy and I also played outside. I tried to get her to fetch and bring it back, but she's never done that. She'll get her toy, but refuses to bring it back. So instead, we ran around and played chase. I also got her on video giving a high five. It's the most awesome dog trick, in my opinion. I made a video of us playing outside.


I hope that y'all enjoyed the video. Please remember to make time for your dog. Take them to the dog park, or park, or any other pet friendly place. They need the extra love and attention, plus you will have just as much fun as them. 

This post is sponsored, and I received compensation for it. All opinions are 100% my own.

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