Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happy Any Day Now {Book Review}

On the cusp of her fiftieth birthday, Judith Soo Jin Raphael reluctantly agrees to see her Korean mother’s fortune teller.  When the fortune teller’s dire predictions seem to be coming true, Judith decides she better start paying close attention.

Chaos in Judith’s life begins with the return of her first love, the judge who originally dropped her because her blood wasn’t blue enough, the sudden arrival of her Jewish father, who left when she was a young child, and her beloved mentor at the Maryland Philharmonic Orchestra is dying of cancer.  With all of the turmoil in her life, it’s no wonder Judith develops a paralyzing case of stage fright.

With the help of Jeff and her mother, Judith just might figure out what the fortune teller meant when she advised Judith to work for her successes in time to make her 50th birthday the best one yet.  Funny and heartfelt, this engaging novel will speak to every woman in midlife who has faced a major shake-up, whether she was ready or not.

My thoughts:
I must say, I loved this book. I was immediately pulled in. I felt like I was there experiencing the events with Judith. I loved the way music and scenery played a big part. My favorite being the cherry blossoms and The Four Seasons by Vivaldi. Grace, Judith's mother, was another favorite character of mine. She's so funny and brave. You can purchase this great book here for only $15.

My favorite quotes:
"More than that, I felt something around my heart give away."

"I found out soon enough that the problem was worse than international espionage."

"It shakes your entire belief system down to its roots."

"The old charm had lost its mojo, at least temporarily."

"It's a saying in Latin. Time flies. You know, life goes by very fast."

You can purchase this great book here for only $15.

I received this book from Penguin Group to write my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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