Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our future environment

What is your biggest concern about the future of the environment?

I'm getting back on track with the NaBloPoMo. I missed a couple days last week, life got busy. So my biggest concern with the future of our environment is waste management. More like, lack of waste management. Imagine if this is all you seen.

Sad right? I think so too. If we don't reduce, reuse, and recycle.. this could be what our future generation is let with. Y'all know I love crafting, and one of the things that I love about it is reusing or re-purposing items. It great to make something new out of something old, or something that isn't being used anymore. I also save my plastic spinach containers to use for starting seeds. Our neighborhood has had a recycling service for a year. Every Saturday morning the recycling company comes through before the trash man. We get a red bin for our recyclables. I have designated bags in the kitchen for recyclables. Those bags get emptied into the recycling bin every Friday night, and it gets put out along side the trash can.

What do you do for waste management? Do you recycle, or do you think it's a waste of time? What's your biggest concern for our future environment?

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