Thursday, January 3, 2013

My favorite way to recharge

I'm participating in the January NaBloPoMo on BlogHer. My question for the day is: What is your favorite way to recharge when you're feeling drained of energy? 

Well, I have a couple of ways that I like to recharge, just in case once doesn't work. Firstly, I would drink more coffee. If I was out and about, I would get the intense energy coffee that they sell at some of the gas stations. I drink so much coffee, that sometimes that just doesn't work. I mean I drink about a pot of coffee a day, if not more lol.

Another way I've found is to take a 30 minute nap. Only 30 minutes, no more and no less. I always wake up feeling fully recharged and ready to continue my day. If I sleep any longer than 30 minutes, then I wake up feeling tired and still wanting more sleep. If I don't sleep at least 30 minutes, then I'm grouchy and still tired.

Orange juice is a new recent way I've found to recharge me. I'm not quite sure how or why it works, I only know it works. A cup or small bottle of OJ perks me right up. I'm sure grapefruit juice would work too. I'm not a fan of grapefruit though. I assume it's the citrus in it that makes you wake up.

So what are you ways to recharge? Do any of the ones that I mentioned work for you as well? As a momma, I'm always looking for ways to recharge.

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