Thursday, January 10, 2013

Exhausting Day

So it seems I made a little oops. I answered today's question yesterday. So today I will do yesterday's question instead. Hopefully I explained that right ;)

Talk about a time when you used up an extraordinary amount of energy and were exhausted.

This seems to be just perfect for today. It's funny how things work out, isn't it? I lost track of time last night watching Supernatural on Netflix with the hubby, so I got to bed late. I did some normal day stuff, nothing that required a lot of work. I had done most of the cleaning the last two days. Then I went to pick up my mom. We were supposed to go to the dry cleaners, Chase, Woodforest, Pearle Vision [to get my contacts], and Walgreens. Well we went to the dry cleaners first, since it's over by her house and it was close to 5. I need to pick up Jason's uniforms. Well, the two long sleeves shirts were wrinkled, and we've had this problem before. We usually just go through the drive thru and don't check. The last two times, I've been going in to check the clothes there. The lady, who is one of the owners mind you, acted like it was no big deal. I showed her the areas, and told her that they needed to be re-done. So I have to pick them up tomorrow after 10a. I got a pair of slacks and his drop-off bag. Next we headed to Pearle Vision. I picked up my contacts and headed back out to the truck. Mom was on my phone with Dad, and he was at my house waiting for us. I had called him earlier while he was at the office, and asked him to stop by and check my hot water heater. So we went back to my house, and Dad checked the hot water heater. It's fine and working correctly. I was making the mistake of washing a lot of clothes in hot water, and that's why my water wasn't hot enough. See, I normally wash in cold water, but I went to wash Lucy's [our dog] cover that goes in her crate. She had peed on it, which is a horrible smell. I washed it twice in cold water, and the smell was still there. I finally got the idea to wash it in hot, and problem solved! So then, I started thinking that nothing must be getting clean in cold water. Umm, I was wrong. Lucy's bedding definitely needs to be washed in hot water and a load of whites, but everything else is fine in cold water. Then, after Dad headed back to his house, we had to go to Walmart. Mom and Dad have an account at Woodforest, which is in Walmart. She went to the bank, and I picked up a couple things that I needed. Dad called while we were there and asked us to pick up something for supper.  We got everything we needed, checked out, and headed to Mom & Dad's. Mom, Dad, Nick, and I ate Chicken Parmigiana for supper. It was delicious! Nick and I stayed for awhile, and hung out. Then I realized how exhausted I was. I am honestly barely keeping my eyes open to type this post. I'm not quite sure why I'm so tired, but I am. 

Did anyone else have an exhausting day? What usually makes your day so exhausting?

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