Saturday, December 1, 2012

Surgery, Thanksgiving, and other good stuff

So, I went missing yet again. I know it seems like it's never ending, and I feel the same way. I actually had surgery the week before Thanksgiving. I had went to the hospital for pain, and my gallbladder was full of stones, so they admitted me. I stayed the night, and then they took out my gallbladder the next morning. I got to come home that same night. It's great not to have that pain anymore, but it's been a difficult recovery. I started feeling better and even went to our Thanksgiving dinner at church. Then, Saturday after Black Friday, I got that wonderful stomach flu that has been going around. For your sake, I hope you didn't get it. I ended up going to an urgent care center and they gave me an IV with saline and nausea medicine. I started feeling better after that.

The rest of my week has been spent trying to get the house decorated for Christmas. I'm still not done yet, but I have got quite a bit done on the inside. I have the tree up, but have to do lights and ornaments. I think my brother will come over this week and hang the outside lights for me, if Jason isn't off. I've got some Christmas shopping done! Have you? I'll show you what I've gotten so far, and all of which are from Amazon.

And I am headed back there tonight to do some more shopping. I have a lot of boys to buy for, and only one girl. I'm not even sure what to get her, she's only 2. Hopefully I get some helpful tips from some of you ;)

Now on to my diet. Yes, I'm on a diet; no it's not by my choice. After having my gallbladder taken out, my food is restricted. Basically low fat and no ruffage diet. That means no salad for me, I'm super bummed about this. I love a great spinach salad. The surgery also means that I can't work out for 6 months, which is another bummer. I was doing so well working out, now I have to wait until May. Hopefully this diet of mine, will help some with the weight loss.

So I am back regularly now. Faithful Friday will return, along with a lot of other fun things. I should be posting a great book review soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that. I hope y'all are having a great weekend, and a safe one.

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  1. Hi Kassandra,
    My goodness, what a November you had! Happy to read that you are no longer in pain. Sorry to read about the diet and workout restrictions. Especially with Christmas right around the corner.

    It's been a while since I had a 2 yr. old girl to buy for, but what about books? Those thick, sturdy board books with tabs to pull and textures to touch and flaps to lift. Love buying books for children. :)

    Best wishes on all your Christmas prep!


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