Monday, October 22, 2012

Lisette L Product Review

I recently got the opportunity to do a product review for Lisette L. It's a Canadian based company that has been featured on the Today Show by Kathie Lee Gifford. That's a pretty big deal, if you ask me. I want to tell you a little bit about the company before I talk about the pants that I received.

The Canada-based company’s founders – Lisette Limoges and her hubby Neil Small – say the secret to the flattering fit of their pants is the body-shaping fabric and the pull-on design with no zippers or buttons. Fans like The Today Show’s Kathie Lee Gifford swear by the contouring and slimming effect of the trademarked “Flaterie Fit.”

They slim the lower abdomen, contour the hips and shape the behind without the feeling of being bound in tight. Lisette L pants hold you close but they let you breathe, with comfort and mobility in incredibly soft stretchy fabric. The secret, their special rayon, nylon and spandex stretch fabric and uniquely constructed waistband.

They sound pretty amazing right? If you're like me, then you've heard of pants before that promise to make you skinny. Most of them were ugly and didn't work. So let me show you some of the Lisette L designs and then I'll give you the "skinny" [pun intended]

These cute white ankle cut pants are to die for. They're style #807

How about a cute boot cut black pants for work? Love them! Style #1635
Now let's talk about the pants that I received. I know you all want to hear if they're as great as they sound.
I received the True Straight black pants [#1715]. They fit like a dream, and I didn't have to wear my special "hide the flabby tummy" shirt with them either. I love that they're fashionable, comfortable, and flattering. I actually felt skinny wearing the pant, and it helped that my belly wasn't poking out too. I've worn them a couple of times, but forgot to get a photo. I'm usually the one taking photos, but I'll have someone take a picture of me the next time I wear them. Now that it's getting cooler in Texas, I'll be wearing them more. They are really light weight, but in the summer time I live in dresses. I can see why Kathie Lee put these pants in her favorite items now. I know that I live in a big city, but I looked for stores around me that carry Lisette L, and found 12! That's quite a bit, you can go here to find one near you. Believe me, you at least want to try them on and see for yourself. I want to thank Lisette L for allowing me to review their lovely pants.

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