Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Gallery Wall Tutorial

I meant to post this a bit earlier, but I had a lot of frames to spray paint white. I think I might possibly have white spray paint in my lungs still. I guess it won't kill me.. yet. I've seen other gallery wall ideas floating around, and planned to use them.. but I didn't have their supplies. So I winged it, and came up with a solution.

So I painted all of my frames like I said, and all of the pictures came from free printables that I found on Pinterest. If you want to find the exact ones that I did, you can go to my holidays board.

First I laid out the frames the way that I wanted them. Then I didn't show this because I only have 2 hands, but I measured the area of the wall, and the frames. See my "helper"? Oh pretend that you don't see my stained carpet, mmkay?

I forgot to take a picture of the next step too, sorry. I didn't have wax paper, so I used white tissue paper. I laid them out on the flipped over frames, taped them together, and marked where the nail should go.

Then I taped the tissue paper to the wall. This is kind of hard to do. You have to move fast if there's only one of you. It looks crooked here, but it's only because of the tissue paper. This took skill and I moved it about 5 times. I also recommend turning off the ceiling fan if you have one, I didn't think of this until after.

The easiest step, putting the nails in. Just look for your markings, and slap some nails in there. Once you get all the nails down, rip down that paper. The bonus about tissue paper is, it rips easy and you can fix any left behind paper quickly.

Lastly, hang all of your frames and be sure to have the cutest kid to showcase your new gallery wall. I plan on changing out the pictures with each holiday and season. It really brings my living room together. My walls are actually white-ish, but whatever. One day I'm going to paint it anyways lol. And replace those ugly broken lamp shades.


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