Saturday, September 8, 2012

Does your husband let you sleep in?

On a Saturday morning, or whichever day he's off, does your husband sweetly let you sleep in? They think you need the rest and give you a break by getting up with the kid[s]. Or I've had him tell me that I looked so peaceful that he didn't want to wake me. It's a sweet thought right? He gets the kids breakfast, and maybe lunch depending on how long he lets you sleep.

Then you wake up like this lady. You're freaking out because of what time it is. Why didn't anyone wake you up? How nice of my husband, but Lord I want to shake him a little. He doesn't know or understand the number of things that I have to get done today and everyday. Men have no idea what women, especially mom's, have to get done in a day. There's cleaning, cooking, crafting, and more cleaning. Not to mention we want time to enjoy coffee and do some meditation when we wake up. Now, I still did this morning, but I do hate that rushed feeling don't you?

I've tried to tell him not to let me sleep in too late, but he doesn't listen. What man does though? So some things won't get done today, probably some of that cleaning. Which, isn't too terrible anyways, no is it? So perhaps waking up so late wasn't too bad after all. All though I will have to beat him if he does it again.

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