Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pinterest Project To Do List

I'm still trying to get all of the pictures gathered up from Nick's party, so in the mean time I thought I'd talk about my addiction: Pinterest. I'm pretty sure it's everyone's addiction as well. Now that most of the chaos is over, for now, I can get to work on my projects. If I tell y'all then I'm more apt to get them started. Here are some projects that I can't wait to make!

This cute Halloween door, I'm so doing this for Halloween this year!

Painting furniture! I have this chair that I love, but it's terribly ugly at the moment.
Like any little boy, my son loves Lego's. So this Lego Travel box is awesome sauce!
How cute are these Superhero Capes & Masks? My son wanted one from the store, but  it wouldn't even fit him. So, I must make him some :)

I love this 3 in 1 kitchen tool. It's just what I need if I ever start cooking again lol. I guess now that summer is over I can start on my holiday baking soon.

I'm forever loosing stuff and ending up with a mess of thread on the floor when I'm sewing. This cute little sewing tool would really be quite useful for me, and it's super cute!
It's definitely going to take some time, which I'll have to find. However, I want to make these before Christmas. Some for presents perhaps. Also, while you're on Pinterest, follow me if you like.
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