Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nick's Thomas the Train Birthday {Photo Heavy}

Earlier this month my baby turned 4. His birthday was August 7th, but we had his party on the 11th. He decided that he wanted a Thomas the Train theme, and Momma hardly says no to him. Thomas the Train is awesome anyways. So I searched, and pinned, and pinned some more to get my ideas together. Here are some pictures and what happened. Please ignore me in the pictures. I've gained a lot of weight and needed to dye my hair.

Nickalaus in orange, Alyssa in pink, Nathaniel is standing up in the front. Opening presents!

Maddy in purple, Hannah is right beside her, Nathaniel is beside her, Nick in orange, Savannah in purple, and Alyssa in pink. Still opening presents!

Miss Alyssa was so helpful. She was handing Nick his presents and telling him what they all were. 

More presents. I think Nick has a little crush on Alyssa.

Eating cake & ice cream. It looks like a sad picture, him all alone. In reality he was the first kid to get cake so he went and sat down to eat it lol.

Thomas the Train light from Jeanette.

Not quite sure what we have here, but the little blond baby to the left of Nathaniel is my niece Temperance.

The food table. We had diesel fuel [sweet tea], water tower [water], station house sandwiches [pb&j],  wheel car [cucumbers], produce car [carrots & celery], gravel car [watermelon balls], log car [pretzel logs], fruit car [fruit kabob with strawberry, watermelon, and pineapple],  coal car [olives], tender car [ranch dip], wagon wraps [flour tortilla, turkey, swiss cheese, avocado, miracle whip, spinach, and tomatoes], and carriage cookies [handmade train themed cookies that I will show in detail and give the credit for].

Angry bird flashlight from Uncle Tyler.

Talking Jake animal from Uncle Tyler, this got a squeal because he loves Adventure Time.

More presents!

Time to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy!

No idea what I was thinking, but I'm sure it was I'm tired.

Spiderman toy from Nana & Papa!

The Jake doll again.

More presents, and a view of the awesome Thomas balloon.

Okay Nick in orange, Nathaniel in grey & brown, Gavin in green, Susan is holding Gavin, the blond hair is Aiden, blue shirt is Hannah, purple shirt is Maddy, guy in the orange is my dad, girl in the back is my friend Katherine, man in the blue is Steve Nathaniel's dad, and guy in the red is my brother Brian.

The present table. You can kind of see the bounce house in the window.

Okay more presents, sorry these are out of order.

Think this kid got enough presents?

My friend Angie in the white pants.

My mother in law Miu, Nickalaus, Nick's great great grandma Bakou.

A close up of the food table and Thomas cake.

Presents again..

Jake! What a bumble berry! [If you watch the show then you get that saying]

My brother Ryan in the back in black, Jake is the lady in white shirt, my mom is in the orange shirt.

Nick talking to his best girl friend Alyssa.

I think I'm trying to show him he missed something lol.

The pinata, we had a lot of fun with this. There's also a pin the 1 on Thomas and Thomas cornhole game.

Thomas balloon!

My mom in orangish red, Katherine beside her, Bakou is the grey haired lady, Miu my MIL beside her.

Not sure what happened here other than presents.

My dad and my niece.

Checking out more presents.

The cake and good table. Those pb&j were cut into trains.

Getting ready to blow out the candles!

Eating cake!


Jake in white, Ryan in black, Heather in the front, Katherine is the blond, my mom  in orangish red, Temperance in purple.

I'm handing out presents, and my dad is sitting back watching Nick open them.

All the adults watching Nick open presents.

Nick, my MIL, and Bakou.

Alyssa helping Nick with the present.

Nick and my MIL.
Nick & Bakou.
The eating area.

These are out awesome cookies that Kathleen at Tailored Sweets made! They aren't only adorable, but they're the best sugar cookies I've ever had!

Another shot of our cookies Kathleen made. She even made a 3" one just for Nick. She is too sweet. If you're in the Houston area, you should check her out! Go look at her designs!

This is our Thomas the Train cornhole game. I found this beauty on Etsy from  windsor48. I love the hand painted look of it, very nicely created. The sweet man who owns the shop shipped it quickly and the price was great. He has all kinds of designs and other games as well. I would recommend you check him out as well.
Well that's all for the pictures! We had fun. The bounce house was fun for the kids, but it was too hot. I doubt we'll do that again. I had to keep running kids in to get water. Not to mention I ended up dehydrated from standing out there without any water for myself. Yeah, big dummy, I know. I hope this gives you some ideas for your next party, and you enjoyed the pictures!


  1. Looks like he had a lot of fun!! Love all the Thomas the Train stuff! Joey loves Thomas the Train, too.

  2. That looks like a great party you hosted for your son Nick. If you are looking for inspiration for another Thomas the train party I recommend you visit our site


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