Friday, July 6, 2012

I've been tagged!!!!


# 1 - You must post these rules.
# 2 - You must post 11 things about yourself.
# 3 - You must answer the questions from the tagger AND post 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
# 4 - You must choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.  Let them know they've been tagged! Don't tag back the blog that tagged you.

The questions Jennifer asked me:
1. Are you a Walmart shopper?  I've been trying not to, I really hate that corporation. 
2. Do you speak any languages other than English? Not fluently but I do speak some German, Cantonese, and Spanish.
3. What was your favorite job?  When I was an Activity Director for elderly dementia patients. I loved it. I loved going back to their times with them, baking with them, and dancing with them. I miss it a lot, maybe when Nick is in school I'll get back into it?
4. Favorite pastime? Well when I'm not running around everywhere and have time lol, I love to sew, paint, draw, design graphics.
5. Black and white or color?  COLOR!
6. Small businesses or big box? Small business
7. Do you recycle?  Yes ma'am
8. Home phone/cell phone/no phone?  Cell phone
9. Were you ever an AOL user? Did I ever pay for service, no. I do have an AOL account to use aim thought.
10. Favorite website? Besides your blog of course! Etsy and if you're there.. my shop is pretty awesome, Mrs. Crafty Pants Designs
11. Favorite beverage? Coffee of course :)

I'm Tagging these people:
Vanessa @ A Fanciful Twist
Christie @ Grace is Overrated
Lisa @ Insignificant at Best
Heather @ Life made Lovely
Susan @ Living with Punks
Emily @ Nap Time is My Time
Kimberly @ Raising Olives
Michelle @ Someday Crafts
Lisa @ The Bloggess [can I just say, I love her!]
Greg @ Telling Dad
Sherry @ Young House Love

My 11 Questions:
1. How old are your kids?
2. What's your favorite TV shows?
3. What is your favorite candy?
4. Do you watch ghost shows, like My Ghost Story?
5. Do you give money to homeless people when you have it?
6. Do you restrict your kids TV time?
7. Do you know what cartoon this saying is from, "Ooooooooh, in your face!"
8. Do you shop handmade or make things yourself?
9. Do your kids play on your Android/iPhone?
10. Have you watched the End of the World cartoon video on YouTube?
11. What did you do last month?

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