Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rascal Flatts One Night Only Fandom Theatre Event

Thanks to One2One Network I got the opportunity to go watch the Rascal Flatts Changed Exclusive Threatre Event. I got 2 free tickets to go to our local Cinemark theatre, along with my mom. The even was Nationwide and Rascal Flatts were live in on of the theatre's answering questions from the local audience and online. The guys played songs from their new album "Changed", along with old favorites. Rascal Flatts even shared their personal experience and thoughts about their 10 year journey as Country Music stars. 

I'm sure all of you Country Music fans have heard Rascal Flatt's song Banjo from their "Changed" album. Regardless if you're a long time fan of Rascal Flatts, or just found your love of Country Music, that song rocks! They sung another song off of their Changed album called Changed, and it is one of those songs that inspire and touch you. I loved it, but then again I don't think they have a bad song on any of their albums. The sang Hot in Here, from the new album, and boy did it get hot in there!! Their new album is out for sale, you can buy it from Amazon or iTunes.

Now I want to tell you about something that Rascal Flatts are very passionate about, Feeding America and Outnumbering Hunger. Here's a video to tell you more.

When you're doing your weekly grocery shopping, pick up your favorite General Mills (Cheerios, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, and more) products that are specially marked. Then go home and enter the code online here. I think this is a great cause. Did you know that their are 17 million hungry families and growing, right here in America? I hope that we can all come together and help our neighbors.

I had so much fun and so did my Mom. Thank you One2One Network, Rascal Flatts, and Big Machine Records for this opportunity. 

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