Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Trip

Hey everyone! I had a good time in Vegas. It was different and an unique experience. I played the slot machines a bit, lost some and won some. The Rascal Flatts and Brad Paisley was awesome! I'm a huge fan of both, but thought Rascal Flatts gave a better performance.
If you want to see more pictures and even videos, make sure you're following my fan page. I would post then all here, but my wonderful app won't let me. Plus I need to get some from my husband phone. We ride from Houston to Las Vegas with Zac and Aaron of Ghost Adventures. I got their autographs. I'll have to scan those and add then to the facebook fan page as well. Aaron got super skinny! We also seen Pauly D walking the strip while we were in the bus, so we didn't get an autograph, but still cool. We went to Caesar's Palace, Paris, Million something mall, Outlet mall, Circus Circus is where we stayed. We had a lot of fun together. We spent a lot of time with my Mil, which was actually nice. Her and I generally don't get along, but we did that weekend and even had fun. It's funny that this weeks sermon was about loving others. How it's not a feeling, but an act of sacrifice. I was able to put my feelings side with my Mil and enjoy that time with her and my husband. Well right now my bed is calling me. Tomorrow I have something important too talk to y'all about. Good night and.God bless.

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