Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Headed to Sin City

Come Friday at 2:30 CST, My husband and I will be on an airplane in route to Las Vegas. I'm excited to go and spend the weekend with my husband, and to see Rascal Flatts & Brad Paisley in concert [the whole reason for going]. However, I'm extremely anxious about leaving Nick. I know he will be in good hands, he's staying with my mom and dad, but it's just I'll miss him. Our dog Lucy is staying with Mom and Dad too. I just worry that Nick will be anxious about us being gone too. It's a good think I have my anxiety medication, seriously. I even made a living will and testament saying that if something were to happen to both Jason & I, that Nick would live with my parents. Better safe than sorry right? So tomorrow I have to pack not only a suitcase for Jason and I, but also Nick's for his toys, clothes, and necessities. I also have to get Lucy's stuff gathered up too.

On to the fun stuff. We are staying until Sunday night at Circus Circus. Jason is going to gamble, but I prefer not to. I know how I am, I don't want to waste our money. I'd rather see the sights and I want to go zip lining on Freemont street. Saturday is the Rascal Flatts & Brad Paisley concert!! I'm super excited to see them both in concert, plus it's a private concert so hopefully it will be smaller.

Do you have any advice for me? Things to go see or do while in Vegas? Let me know please. I'd love to see all that I can, while I'm there.


  1. I'm sure Nick will be okay and so will the both of you! How exciting! Great idea to write a living will. Dave and I have been talking about that for nearly two years and still haven't written one. Shame on us. We just don't know who we want our children to live with yet.

    1. Thanks Misty! Nick was fine. The living will is a good thing to have. It's kind of freaky, but still a good idea. I hope y'all can figure out who you would want the kids to live with.

  2. Brad is good..saw him at SC of course. I love his OLD stuff...his new corny lyrics just rub me wrong and have to change the channel when it comes on. tickets are cheaper than others.. This seems to be with many artists these days...such as Toby, Garth sucks...OLD kicks arse.


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