Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Craft Month!!!

Did y'all know that March is officially National Craft Month! Awesome sauce! Finally a month devoted to something fun and cool :) I plan to do some more crafty stuff this month, what about you?

I know I said that I would have a tutorial for you, but I totally forgot to take picture :( Sad face forever. So instead, here are my awesome cotton cloth napkins. Just click on the picture.

Since I didn't do a tutorial, I did go on Pinterest and find an awesome one to share with you. I don't know about you, but I love Skip to my Lou. She has awesome stuff, including this cloth napkin tutorial. Told ya that I'd find something equally awesome. My next project, other than making address numbers, are Bible covers for my mom and I.

On to other things. I took my 3 year old, Nickalaus, to him 3 year check up today. I figured he'd need shots, and would leave the doctor mad. Instead I left the doctor mad at myself. So Nick is 3ft. 4in and 54.5 lbs. His blood pressure was high for his sex/height/weight, which could be that he was hyper and then upset. Or it could be because he's over weight, and I mean considered obese by his BMI. His BMI is 23.95 :( I'm so upset with myself that I let him get like this. I just thought it was baby fat, and completely normal for every kid. I've never wanted him to have to deal with being made fun of for being fat like my husband and I were in school. I know it's because he snacks way too much, although he does love his fruits and veggies. So I went to Krogers and spent $60 on fruits, vegetable, soy milk, and some tilapia. I made tilapia with papaya salsa, green beans, and a small side of rice. Did you know that toddlers should have portions that size of their fist? I thought that was only adults! Also he's only allowed to have one 8oz glass of juice a day, we usually do orange juice. Apple juice, an 8oz glass, has more sugar that a coke! WHAT? Yup. So my mom is a nurse, and she went and bought a pediatric blood pressure cuff today. We're going to monitor and log Nick's blood pressure for a month to see what it is. We'll go back to the doctor then. Hopefully his blood pressure will not be high, considering my mom takes meds for high blood pressure, and his weight will be done. Right now he is a size 5T in length and 7T in width. The doctor didn't give him amount of weight to loose, because he's a kid. I figure if he's a 5T in length, then he should be the same in the weight. So we will be eating healthier, 3 meals a day, and 2 snacks. He can have 1 small sweet a day, 1 orange juice, and other than soy milk at night.. water it is. Please say a prayer for us. I feel like the worst mom ever for letting this happen to him. I can't believe I was so blinded, but I just thought it was baby fat. I mean he is tall for his age, even the doctor said so. So here's a picture of my baby. Pray for us please.

I've been doing a Beth Moore Bible Study at church on Thursday nights. I love my church and I love the Bible Study, plus Beth Moore is awesome! Our Bible Study is on the book of James. I will tell y'all about that more later. Thank you all for your support and prayers. You all mean the world to me!

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