Thursday, March 29, 2012

DIY: Installing a mailbox

Did you wake up one morning to this? I did, well actually I seen it late Sunday night. One of my neighbor's friends hit my mailbox and didn't tell me. That's okay, I figure God was giving me a lesson in tolerance. So I thought no big deal. I'll fix it. 

What you'll need:
Post-hole digger
Pine pre-treated 4x4x5 post
Mailbox kit [here's what I used.]
Screw driver, preferably the power drill.
Measuring Tape

Step 1: Move that old mailbox out of the way, and any debris from it. If  part of the post is still broke off in the ground, pull it out. If it's really stuck, you could try a pry bar or even a car jack. 

Step 2:
Start digging that hole with your post hole digger. You just put it in the old hole for your mailbox with a lot of force. Pull the handles apart to grab the dirt, lift out, and make a dirt pile. You want your post to be at least 3 feet in the ground. 

Step 3: I wish I would have taken a photo of this, but I forgot. Anyways, put your post in the hole that you dug. Don't forget you want the post 3 feet in the ground. The post should be above ground about 41 inches. Take your dirt pile and start filling around the post. You can use a level if you want, but I just judged it myself. Some people like to use concrete to fill the hole, but there is really no need. 

Step 4:  Your mailbox kit has everything else you need. Slide the plastic sleeve over the post, and then drill the screws in the pre-determined holes. Afterwards your mailbox house slides onto the top of the plastic sleeve, and your door just pops in too. Note: The mailbox house tells you which end is the front. 

Step 5: 
You're done! Now snap a picture and tell everyone what a boss you are!

I've had a busy couple of days. Monday night I replaced the wax ring on my master bathroom toilet, which was a pain. Some "handy" [add sarcasm] put caulking around my toilet, and cement under it. Tuesday afternoon I replaced the mailbox. Then Tuesday night I installed an over the door organizer in my pantry and organized it. I am almost done with the pantry, just need to cut some more boards to add to the current shelves. 

Next I hope my crafty project is making Bible covers from my mom and myself. It's long over due. Well, I hope this helped y'all! By the way, this was pretty much a breeze. It only took a little over an hour to do.

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