Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! & My Christmas

I wanted to share some of my Christmas with y'all. I know the holidays kept me busy, but I hope y'all had a Merry Christmas or whatever it is you celebrate. Christmas Eve I was still Christmas shopping with my mom and dad. We finally got finished, and headed home to eat. Then after convincing Nick to go to bed, I started wrapping presents and stuffing stockings. Jason had to work, so I was left to my own devices. I finished everything at 5am, and put Jingle [our elf] up for the year.
2011-12-25 04.31.51.jpg
The presents wrapped under our tree.
2011-12-25 04.31.58.jpg
The stockings all hung, including my mom and dad's.
2011-12-25 04.32.08.jpg
Presents to go to my mom and dad's.
2011-12-25 04.32.17.jpg
More presents to go to my mom and dad's.

Nick woke up at 9am so see if Santa came. I took him to the living room to get his stocking, and feed the animals. We had to call Nana and Papa to tell them that Santa came. Mom, Dad, and Tyler came over to watch Nick open presents here.
Nick with his stocking        
Nick with his Trio Fire-station

Nick and his Kipper DVD

Then we went to Jason's mom and brothers to open presents. We weren't there for long. Then we went to my mom and dad's. We all got stockings there and a bunch of awesome presents. Nick got an awesome Thomas the train motorized set, some cute clothes, tools, some Car's toys and a bunch more. Jason and I got a cast iron skillet, which I have been dying to have. Jason got some Angry Birds toys, funny shirts, and funny pajama pants. I got a I Love Lucy barbie doll [I love her], some cute clothes, some cute Christmas decorations, a penguin night light, a Russian stacking doll measuring cup set that is awesome! The smallest doll has a measuring for a pinch. We all had a great Christmas. 
Nick helping Papa hand out presents.

Nick getting more present for people, my brother Ryan in the purple opening a present, my niece Tee Tee opening her presents.
Christmas was fantastic! We had a wonderful dinner. We came home at 5 because Jason had to work, and I went to bed at 6 that evening lol. Yesterday Nick & I went to Mom and Dad's to hang out. We ate dinner and had Dad's famous cheese dip while we hung out together.

How was your Christmas and New Years?


  1. Happy holidays! It looks like you had fun! Your little boy is too cute!!!

  2. You had the best kind of Christmas -- the kind focused on presence not presents! Nick is a cutie patootie. Best wishes for a happy, healthy 2012!


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