Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Frohe Weihnatchen [Merry Christmas]

Sorry I've been neglecting y'all lately. I've been busy getting reading for Christmas and what not. My mom, dad, Nick, Bryan, Clayton, and Tyler all went to Fredericksburg, Tx last weekend for the Kristkindle Market. We really needed it, at least Dad & I. We weren't feeling the Christmas spirit as much as normal. Plus, it's the first Kristkindle Market that I've been to! Anyways, here's pictures.

Nick, Bryan, & Clayton in front of the Nativity scene that's right next to the entrance of the Kristkindle Market.

Walking into the Market. There's a lot more than that.

The Christmas tree [Tannenbaum]

Christmas Pyramid, Erzebrige, a German tradition to have for Christmas. This is a huge hand crafted one.

Means, Christmas in Fredericksburg.

The meaning and origin of the Christmas Pyramid.

A view of the pyramid. Each level spins, as well does the top.

Lebkuchen Haus, Gingerbread House. Nick is in the background.

Gingerbread's are Nick and Bryan. Clayton is in the middle.

Bryan and Nick on the Gingerbread train.

I got Clayton to be the Christmas tree.

History of Gingerbread.

The beautiful church. 

Nick and his new friend were driving the train.

Here's what I bough. "Das Grusse Weihnatchsbuch" book, basically all the songs, traditions, recipes, and gift ideas are in that book. Chocolate Advent Calendar! It took me driving all the way there to find one. I also got 3 German wooden ornaments. The moon is for Nick, since he loves the moon. I also got the pretty bird and toy solider. Then at the store I got a wind up train and a grow my own horse.

Nick and I made Lebkuchen and Pfferneuse cookies. These are the finished Lebkuchen cookies. Both cookies have to be in an airtight container for a short period of time to "age". They are delicious and I love them!

So we all had a lot of fun at the Kristkindle Market. It was great to share with Nick part of his culture. It was wonderful for me, being my first market. There is a German Christmas event going on this weekend in Tomball. The people who I bought all of my stuff from at the market said they would be there, so we're all going again.

I wish I could get out of this funk. Christmas is my favorite holiday, but it's also a little hard without Benjamin here. It doesn't help that Jason isn't a big Christmas person since his father passed away some years ago. I love the cold weather, but my back hates it lol. I've been trying to work on crafts, and I have done some. I'm also working on products for my shop, and trying to find a new meeting group. Speaking of my shop, I just found out I owe $50 to the Texas Commissioner's office. Yay right? Anyways, forgive me if I'm not as active. I have a million things make and do before Christmas. Not to mention I still haven't gotten all of the presents. I hope you are all well. I love you all!


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