Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday Deal!!! & Thanksgiving Blessings

I told y'all that you'd be the first to know about my Black Friday coupon. So y'all are the first to know! It won't be posted on my shop page, only here and my facebook page for my shop. I also wanted to show the new design for my shop.

The new design in time for the holidays! I'm so excited!!! Now, the coupon code that I promised...
BLACKFRIDAY25 for 25% off. The code starts on Friday and last until Tuesday Morning. It's good for Black Friday, through the weekend, and Cyber Monday!! 

Now who's excited about Thanksgiving?? I am!! I love to eat. Thankfully my parents live by us again, and Thanksgiving will be there. We used to go to both of my grandparent's house, and boy do I miss that and them. There's somethings you can't replace. Hopefully we can afford to go up to Indiana next year. So since I can't go there, I'm planning on making some things for Thanksgiving. I usually do anyways. So one of the things I'm making is Sugar Cream Pie, my grandma Vicki always makes this for the holidays. It's actually the Indiana State Pie. I'm also making sweet potato casserole, baked beans, deviled eggs, and something else that I haven't decided yet. Are you making anything for Thanksgiving dinner? What are your plans?

I just want to say what I'm grateful for. It's something we do every year on Thanksgiving. I'm grateful for my higher power, my whole family, the ups and downs, the sales I've made at my shop, my faithful blog readers, my sobriety, my home, our food, and the "extra" things we have. Sometimes I get caught up in my own problems and start to dwell on it. Yes we're not rich, and we have problems, money is tight, and life gets hard.. but we are far more blessed than some people. God always takes care of us. So let's forget about our high class problems and do something nice for someone else. 

I love you all! Please don't drink and drive during the holidays, or at all. Be safe, eat too much, give thanks, and live in the moment. 

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