Monday, September 19, 2011

Give Love

I want to tell y'all about an awesome movement that I came across. I'm sure a lot of you have heard about the Shine Project, and the awesome things that Ashley does there. Well this is similar to that. A different Ashley started GiveLove365, which I found at her blog La Luce. It's a beautiful mission, and has actually inspired me to do something to help others and give back. I will post about this more later. First I want to share with you what Give Love is about.

The entire overall concept is simply based on encouraging and expanding the lifestyle of giving. This is done through through direct connection with people and taking on smaller parts of bigger issues. The core of it is:
1. Give
Provide a thoughtful extension of your love for another person. You can give your time, your efforts, a gift, pay for something for someone, or anything else that would mean something to someone.  GiveLove365 will always provide suggestions and inspiration to get to you started, but we want you to make this journey a personal co-labor with God. We encourage that you give what you feel led to give, and how you feel led to give it.
2. Connect
If possible, get to really know the person and their story.
3. Carry out
These are empowerment ideas  that encourage real hope and possibilities. Something that would fulfill a need that if you were them, you would be praying for or would like.
This is not about charity or just doing a good thing. It's about encouraging a lifestyle of giving.
 GiveLove -and- Provide has already started, which focuses on the needs of those without home, but we believe that the blueprint of it will expand into the areas listed below. Each has issues that need attention solutions, and people with a heart to care. We believe that God will reveal the way and the people who will assist in taking on the facilitation of these branches when it's time.
GiveLove -and- Provide: Connecting to those that are currently homeless
GiveLove -and- Prevent:Connecting to those that are on the verge of homelessness
GiveLove -and- Educate:Connecting to those that need support in the area of education
GiveLove -and- Prepare: Connecting to pregnant women, new parents, and babies
GiveLove -and- Assist: Connecting to single parent households
GiveLove -and- Care: Connecting to the elderly
GiveLove -and- Restore: Connecting to victims of rape and domestic abuse
GiveLove -and-Support: Connecting to those that are healing from sickness and cancer.
GiveLove -and- Set Free: Connecting to those that are imprisoned and recently released.
GiveLove -and- Reach Out: Connecting to support missions and give assistance globally.
GiveLove -and- Encourage: Connecting to the Youth ages 11-22
GIveLove -and- Value: Connecting to Adult Women
GiveLove -and- Strength: Connecting to Adult Men
The focus is on effective, Spirit led action. While we encourage the main core concepts listed above we pray that you will be led about what is best for each life you connect to. There is so much that the Lord has in store, and only He knows how everything will work. We write this as an act of faith and thanks for the things to come!

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  1. WOW! thanks so much for all the love and encouragment!!! So thankful you stopped by my blog, now I know you :) yaaaay. my computer at work doesn't allow the follow feature for some reason, but i will be following! xoxoxo


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