Friday, September 16, 2011


So I suck at life! I have a one track mind and get distracted easily. If you know me in real life, then you would be laughing right now, because you know this. I've been working on projects to post. As a matter of fact, I just need a picture of me with one to post it. Perhaps I can take it to my parents and get my brother to do it. My husband gets home at night, so that makes for craptastic photos. I attempted another project, a fashion up-cycle last night and failed. So I will be looking into that and posting. Plus it's FALL! To bad that doesn't mean anything in Texas :( But, it does mean re-decorating for me and more projects to post! I've been busy in my shop. Working on new designs, and filling orders. Also filling giveaway items for my shop. So here's to my hoping that I can get more organized with my time!

Also, right now because of the Texas Wildfires, I'm donating 10% of all my sales to the Houston Red Cross. If you can't donate, please pray for the families affected by it. And those who will be affected by it if it continues. I know if it continues on for too long, hunting season could be affected, which would then affect more families who depend on that food for their families. I for one know my family depends on that food.


  1. As a woman who has had plenty of those in my life, I gotta tell ya, get up and do it again. Or, just through the whole thing in the garbage.

    I try again and again. Here's me:

  2. Thanks love! Yeah once I can wrap my head around it, I'm giving it another go. It's my first time doing type of thing. I love your story!! I couldn't comment though.


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