Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dear DirecTV

 I am disappointed in you. It's sad too, because I generally love my service and am always bragging on you. Then I go to watch my Colts play today, and since I live in Texas, I have to use the NFL channels. Well, I don't have the Sunday Ticket for some reason?? Which is complete b.s. if you ask me. You're advertising that it's free this year, I would assume since you can't get anyone to buy it with the short season we're having. So, why not give that service to your long time customers who already pay you? Then I call to see what the deal was, and I sat on hold on a Sunday for 30 minutes!!!! I ended up hanging up, because it's ridiculous. There's no way that there is that big of an issues on a freaking Sunday. So, I can't watch my team. Which I'm super aggravated about. Anyways, end rant here.

Yours, Kassandra

I just love getting my frustrations out in letters that aren't being sent. I feel better now, but I'm still quit upset about not getting to watch the game. When it comes to football, I get all princess about missing a game.

Back to your scheduled programming!

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