Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Craft: Fall Decor Part 1

Hey y'all. I wanted to share with you my fall decor. This is only part of it. I am still working on Part 2. All of it was handmade or hand assembled by yours truly. I had a blast doing this, and still have grand plans for Part 2. Here we go!
The mantel during the day, please excuse the ugly tile around the fireplace.

A close up of the arrangement on the right hand side of the mantle. There's leaves, branches, pine cones, and whatever that red thing is called.

A close up of the branches, yes I used glitter spray!

A close up of the center piece. There's pine cones, pumpkins, a candle, and acorns in it. The outside decor around it is actually a necklace that I never wore. I knew that the colors would be great with it.

A close up of the arrangement on the left hand side of the mantle. It has the same stuff in it as the other one.

The mantle at night all light up. Did you see the mason jar candles before?

Who says you have to put wood in the fireplace?

I thought an old metal bucket with some leaves and pumpkins would be much cuter and unique than wood.

Here's my book case. Yes, it doesn't look like one, but my dog tries to eat my books. So I cover it up, don't worry it's getting a new cover soon. Anyways, my metal stand with the mason jar candles, a couple pumpkins, and a pine cone. Simple, but cute!

My fall flower arrangement that I made. It actually sits on another table, but the lighting was awful so I shot it in the picture. 

The bottom of the vase has moss and pumpkins for some more fall flair. Aren't the flowers beautiful and the colors are just perfect! 

I am having a blast decorating! I think it's going wonderful so far. What do you think? I'll be back soon with Part 2.

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  1. Lots of pretty and creative elements for your fall fireplace. It turned out so nice! I don't have a fireplace or mantel so I have to improvise on a baker's rack. Still having fun tho!

  2. Thank you Ann! You know, you could always make your own mantle. Get a thick piece of wood to your length and there you go! You could even use cardboard or something else to paint and make it look like a fireplace. I love baker's racks! I'm actually in process of building one. I need the extra space in my kitchen. Thanks for coming by Ann!


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