Sunday, September 25, 2011

Craft: Blue Jean Half Apron

I've seen plenty of blue jean aprons around blog land, but no real tutorial on how to do it. So I decided to wing it. Here's what I ended up using.

-A pair of blue jeans
- Coordinating Fabric
-Sewing Machine with Denim Needle
-Hand Needle & Thread [optional]

Here are the jeans I started with. They were too small, but I loved the gold detail on them.

So I cut the back where the pockets are, and cut the front off as well. I saved the button and button hole part, as well as some extra fabric [since the jeans were too small]. 
Here's the blue jean fabric un-hemmed.

Load your denim needle in the sewing machine. I took pictures so you could see my settings. 

Again, here are my sewing settings. I don't know all the terms, so I figured this was better.

After you pin, or wing it like me, go through and hem all of your sides.

Ok so that extra fabric, pin it to match the width of the other button/button hole fabric. Also, I ended up covering this part with the coordinating gold fabric. It looked better to me. For the sides, I wasn't at my mom's to use her sewing machine, so I had sewed some. That's why it says optional.

As you can see I ended up adding a gold ruffle to the bottom. I think it adds a fun touch.

Here's the back. How cute is it? It closes with the jean button!

An in action picture. Great for vendor or craft stuff.

The back, please excuse my butt, lol!

Okay, so now that I've showed my butt and shared something that's potential usual [I hope]... tell me your thoughts. Have you made something similar? Do you have any tips? Or did you just like my butt lol? [total joke, btw].

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  1. i love the idea of having my scissors, tape runner and other tools on me instead of searching the couch madly for them...

  2. Love it! I was doing the seasonal closet purge today and I may just retrieve a worn-our pair to try this with. Thanks.

  3. Thank you both! It is so much more convenient that wondering were you stuck your scissors. I am forever doing that! Also, a great way to recycle those old jeans. We all have them right?

  4. Great tute! I think they would make a great gift to your favourite hairdresser too :-)

  5. That's a good thought Agy! I hadn't thought about the wonderful hairdressers!


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