Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wanna come to Nick's party?

Yeah, soooo maybe I'm lame, but if you live in Houston and have toddlers... And aren't doing anything between 130-300p come over? The only kids coming are my friends two tweens and a baby. My other friends with toddlers couldn't make it. I feel like a douche that he won't have anyone to really play with. My little cousins dont come back until next weekend so :( Anyways if you feel like coming email me at kass102885 @ gmail dot com and I'll send you directions. Just tell me who you are and link me to your fb or blog (gotta make sure ya know).

Back to cleaning, baking, and decorating I go.


  1. Awe....sweetie! If I were in your town I would def come! Sorry this is so frustrating :(

  2. Thanks Sol! My friend Angie who's son is Nick's age, did end up coming. But I was super disappointed when I thought no one was coming. What's your blog link btw? I went to your profile but the ones I checked out hadn't been updated for a bit. Also, I tried to reply to this in email, but your email isn't linked to your profile :o)


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