Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Totally Together by Stephanie O'Dea

I received Totally Together Shortcuts to an Organized Life by Stephanie O'Dea to review. At first, I was skeptical, and honestly didn't think I'd find anything to help me in this book. I can tell you that I've been proven wrong. This wonderful book just became available for purchase August 2nd. Y'all know I was busy last week, otherwise I would have raved about it then.

Okay, so let me rave about Stephanie O'Dea! I didn't know this before reading the book, but I'm a blog follower of hers! Yeah, super excited!! I love her blog A Year of Slow Cooking, and have used a couple of the recipes on there. I was thrilled to see that when reading the book! She's a mommy and a blogger just like me, and a lot of other people. That made it so much easier to relate, and actually believe that she had tried the things in her book.

So the book. Awesome! Seriously! Stephanie tells you 7 easy things to do everyday to keep your house in order. There's even a calendar part at the back of the book for you to check off your Daily 7 each day, as well as your "goals" for the week. The "goals" are the bigger tasks that need done. I had been doing really great until last week. I got all of my "goals" done, but not all of my Daily 7 got done everyday. I'm back on track though! Another great thing is how Stephanie tells you that your kids can help. Yes, we all know that, but she even gives age ranges and what you can expect that they can do. Like my son, who's now 3, can and does; feed and water plants, water plants, and use a small broom to sweep.

I love that calendar in the back of the book and all of the resourceful information in the book. It has really helped me a lot. I don't feel so overwhelmed, or like a bad wife because the house is picked up. It may not be spotless, but I never strive for that. I like the saying, "Sorry about the mess, but we live here." So picked up is great, perfection isn't what I strive for.

Now, this book is in my purse at all times. I actually took it out yesterday to check off things and write down important stuff, but forgot to put it back. I was freaking out trying to find it when I went to write this. I almost forgot to mention.. you know the other thing I love about this book?

You will never forget another appointment for your kids, husband, or to take "me" time. It's "scheduled" in. Your kids and husband are important, but the mother is the backbone of the family. I stand by the saying, "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" So take that scheduled time for you! And seriously, buy this book. The actually reading part isn't that long, but it will save you soo much time. No need for those silly cleaning lists of doing a million things in one day. It's spread out and more productive.

This is a sponsored post. I was given this book to review and write my 100% honest opinion. No other compensation was received.


  1. Kassandra,

    Thank you for taking the time to post this wonderful write-up! I'm so happy to be of any help to you and your busy family. I'm so happy you're enjoying the planner! xoxo

  2. I sure could use the 7 easy things to keep my house in order.... One would be to stay off the computer.


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