Friday, August 19, 2011

Stamp Out Online Review

I recently got the opportunity to work with the Lisa of Stamp Out Online. Lisa owns a very cute stamp shop on Etsy. She has business, address, holiday, wedding, and even other varieties of stamps. With so much to choose from, I decided to go with a business stamp.

You can see the cute packaging that my stamp came in, as well as a sweet note. There is my stamp! It's on a clear block, which I wasn't sure that I would like. Turns out I was right, I love it! I ending up getting my original shop name, Frau Schlau. It's German for Mrs. Crafty. I ended up changing my shop name to Mrs. Crafty Pants Designs, so sadly I can't use this stamp anymore. I will have to get a new stamp for it. I just felt like the original name, while it meant a lot to me, wouldn't drive as much traffic. I love that I can get those cheap $1 stamps at Michael's and use it on my clear block! That's a plus for sure.

I told you Lisa makes a ton of stamps. Here's one that I would just die to have! Especially now that I have a better idea of the types of products that I am selling. I love the damask [I think that's what it's called] decor on it, and the fonts are perfect! This stamp comes on a clear block, just as mine did. As you can see this is geared towards business owners You can have it customized, where the damask is as well as the font of course. For instance, take a look at my header. I could have her put the crafty tools around there in place of the damask. Wouldn't that just be adorable?? I know!

I love the simplicity of this stamp. You can let people know that you slaved over the product, and your shop/blog name. It would even be great for Christmas presents that you make. Say you make Momma a bracelet and all of work friends want to know where she got it. While you are her daughter, she probably isn't going to remember your shop web address. Now she will! It would even be cute to stamp this on a bookmark to include with your product/gift. It's something most everyone could use. Great idea right? Yup, I'm pretty smart like that.

So between this review and my last one, y'all have some great shops for stamps now right? So it's payday, what are ya waiting on?

While I received this product for a review, this is 100% my opinion.

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