Saturday, August 13, 2011

Remember that Surprise??

Yup, a surprise! Who doesn't love surprises? So here we go. So I had been getting reading to open my shop. What shop? Yeah, I'd been somewhat quiet about it. My Etsy shop.

Woot! I got it opened, and so far I have 4 items. 3 headbands and chalkboard labels. I will have a lot more in there soon, including pins, barrettes, necklaces, and some awesome mugs. It's going to be like hair accessories and chalkboard stuff. Sounds awesome right? By the way, clicking that banner takes you to my shop. Do y'all love the name?? 

So the surprise giveaway, that's what y'all are waiting for right? Okay, okay. Take a look here.

This is my ruffled fabric flower headband. My favorite style so far! So since I love y'all and want to do something nice for y'all..... 

One of you awesome ladies will win this ruffled fabric flower on either a headband, bobby pin, or barrette. You will give me some of your favorite colors, and I will surprise you! 

And in case any of you were interested in purchasing something, or requesting a custom order.. here's 10% off:

The giveaway form is hosted by rafflecopter, please be patient while it loads.If it doesn't load make sure you have flash installed and/or try refreshing your browser.

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