Sunday, August 14, 2011

Om Shanti Naturals Review

I recently got the opportunity to work with the lovely Kate from Om Shanti Naturals. See where is says "Crap Free Guaranteed"? She ain't playing, and it's on all of her product labels. Kate was awesome to work with and let me choose some samples, but also threw in some of her favorites. I love a good surprise! So let me tell you about Kate before we show off her awesome products.

I’m a wicked girl saving myself, an outlaw flying alone in the Black, a pirate and a good man. An herbalist, a shewolf, a catmommy and a friend to dogs. At the root of it all I’m Kate.
I started Om Shanti Handcrafts for small, personal reasons — dry skin from the dry air of Colorado, trying to get out of a hellish Walmart job — but I stick with it out of sheer love for what I’m doing.
I love making my products. I love experimenting with new scents, new blends, new ingredients. I love taking baths and calling it market research (though alas, I can’t claim my hot water bills with the IRS).
I even love the business end of things (though marketing still annoys the crap out of me). And speaking of crap…
Crap Free. Guaranteed.
I use only natural ingredients. Most fragrance oils make me sneeze, and most of the ones that don’t make me sneeze just don’t smell good to me. So it’s essential oils, herbs, a few natural flavourings, and some extracts. Nothing artificial.
Nothing I can’t pronounce, either, and nothing I know can be harmful, even if it’s technically ‘natural’. And I test everything on myself before it even gets put into a jar.
Not Just the Ingredients…
My containers are mostly glass, and all of them are recyclable. I use recycled packing material to ship, and I reuse boxes to ship when I have the right size available. I’m doing what I can for the Earth; it’s still the only place we have to live.

 This is the Kyphi Body Scrub. Now, the product that I got was the Kyphi Bath Salts. I don't see them up on Kate's new site, as she switched over to her own domain from Etsy. I am hopeful that she will bring them back. The bath salts were awesome. I laid in the bath tub with my book for 2 hours, no joke! The smell is so relaxing and even slightly erotic? At least to me, lol! The scent is the same in all 3 of her Kyphi products, so you can still get that awesomeness! Anyways, Kate, I beg you.. PLEASE bring those bath salts to the new site! Pretty please with a cherry on top!
 I love lavender! I was stoked to see the Lavender Citrus Body Scrub as on my surprises in my package. The smell is wonderful. The calming lavender, but then that little burst of citrus balances it out while still relaxing. It's one of the best scrubs that I've used to far. It scrubs without hurting my skin, as I'm kind of a pansy when it comes scrubs. And, my skin was so very soft after using it. Soft like a baby's butt soft. Love, love love!
I love lip balm, and actually prefer it over gloss or lipstick. So how excited was I when I got this Spearmint Lip Balm as another one of my surprises? I was thrilled! I've always preferred the lip balms like this one that you use your finger to apply. There's just something wonderful about them to me. The lip balm softened my lips and gave a shine without that glossy crap. There's nothing worse than sticking to something. So this lip balm is awesome, and there are other flavors as well.

 Coffee, I love it as you can tell. The Cafe Mocha Soap was one of the products that I told Kate I would like to try. I love that it has a natural exfoliant in it with the coffee beans. The soap lathers up really well and gives you a boost of energy in the morning. I have used this soap for 3 weeks now as my regular bath soap, and love it. My only thing is I would love for the coffee smell to be stronger. I really want to feel like I'm bathing in coffee, but I'm a crazy coffee woman. You know like crazy cat lady, just substitute the cats for coffee. The soap works great and I like it!
Another surprise! Ma Cobb's Joint Liniment. I think Kate must have either read my blog or just have this "feeling" about things. I suffer from arthritis and lower back pain due to bulging discs and degenerate bone disease. This oil is for joints, sprains, and arthritis. While it didn't take away all of my pain from my back [where all the pain is], is has helped me. I haven't had to take as much medicine when I use this liniment. I love smell too. It can also be used to clear up sinuses. I'm actually trying it out now on my neck. I have the most painful cramp in my neck, and now idea how or why. So I'm hopeful that this will fix me right up.

I love Kate's products and can't wait to try more! I really want more bath salts, so hopefully we will all see them soon *wink*.  Just so y'all know, I received these products to try out. That, however, did not affect my opinion at all. I am telling y'all straight up what I think about each product. They rock and I highly recommend checking out Kate's wonderful Crap Free store!


  1. Thank you SO MUCH Kassandra! I'm glad you loved it all (and I'm really glad you wrote so kindly about it)!

    My bath salts will be back this fall -- I'm busily reformulating them to be EVEN MORE awesome. As soon as I get around the pesky 'turn to rock in the jars' problem, they'll be back up, with even more Dead Sea salts than before. Never fear!

  2. You're so welcome Kate! Yay! I can't wait for them to be back!!


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