Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My baby is 3 [party pics & decor]

If you hadn't noticed, I'm officially back! I've posted 2 awesome giveaways and a review. That dorky picture is the photo prop from Nick's party. Pretty awesome right? I downloaded it from Oh Happy Day, such a crafty girl! My mom took the picture, and I guess she was sitting down, because she's a lot taller than I am.

Here's the pictures of the party decor:
The food & favors area. 

The favors, handmade confetti, and candy.

Balloon Chandelier. 

The party was 1:30-3:00p so we had veggies and cheese ball.

Clothespins and twine photo line of Nick over the last year.

Photo prop and sign lol.

The game for Nick & Sean that we forgot to play, due to the drama.

Super cute balloons I found at Party City.

Kitchen area. The garland Tyler strung together for me, along with the tissue pom poms.

An old sugar dispenser used as a balloon weight.

The birthday cake. I didn't make this, my cake didn't cool and it tore when I went to take it out. 

The other side of the table. That's a real fireman's hat. I added some ribbon and a sticker to jazz it up. Mom bought Nick the new firetruck plate. The sign says "Welcome to Fire Station #807 [his birthday 8/07]."

The coffee table decor, along with Tyler, Jeanette, and Mom. Nick's fire truck with balloons tied to it. That frame is a wood frame, with the back mod podged, a wooden "N" painted red, and some fireman stickers.

Birthday Banner! I made this twice lol. The first time was with letters I cut out, major fail with some old wax paper and mod podge. These ones were stickers on 3" circles, hole punched, and strung with twine.

The birthday boy posing with with prop. Handsome guy right?

Opening presents! The Tag Jr. Momma & Daddy got him.

He's so excited about the Fireman's axe and walkie talkie we got him.

In his Car's bike helmet [one of the presents from Nana & Papa], getting ready to blow out the candles. That he blew out in one blow by the way!

Me holding up the cover and pillow that Nana made him.

The kid made out! He got $210 from his great aunts and great great grandma. Car's bike helmet and bell, cover and pillow, Ni Hao Kai Lin Tag Jr book, Car's Kite, Spongebob shirt that changed colors in the sun, and shorts from Nana & Papa. Tag Jr. with Dora the Explorer and Curious George, Fireman truck [small one], Fireman action figure, Fireman axe and props, play-doh, and Firetruck sensory bag from Momma & Daddy. A cute Cookie Monster shirt and batman truck toy from Jeanette. A Puma hoodie, 2 shirts, a big bubble toy, and huge fireman truck from Uncle Brian. A big bubble set from Angie & Shaun. I think that I'm missing something, but I could be wrong. He did well. He had soooo much fun. He ended up having a friend to play with his age, Sean. Which was super great! I don't even think he realized the drama that was going on which was great. I'm glad he had a good day. My mother in law decided to start a bunch of crap before she came, which made for a really pissed off me while she was there. She finally left, after I told Jason it was time for her to go. She won't be back next year or at all. I refuse to surround myself with negative, degrading, and abusive people. There's no sense in it. Life's too short for bullshit. 

I love you all! Thanks for all the sweet comments during last week. I was going crazy. Now I'm just trying to catch up. I must go write a guest post now! First, I have to find out what I'm writing about lol.


  1. Happy Birthday Nick!! What fun decorations you had Kass.

    He made out like a little bandit. Wow $210, not bad for a 3rd birthday.

  2. A very Happy Birthday to Nick.. I love the birthday decorations.. So cute!


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