Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Important Stuffs + a bonus for you

Photo by hckyso

See that ^ crazy lady? That's how I feel. I've got a million things left to do for Nick's party on Sunday. I have at least 11 printables to make and set up, and that's only what I could remember that I needed. I have a banner, string dots, tissue pom poms, "N" frame to finish or do. I still haven't got a total head count on who all is coming. Some people don't get that RSVP, yeah it's there so people don't make to much/little food or favors. Ugh, it's annoying, so I'm having to ask them all if they're coming. I still have all the party food, 1-2 presents, fireman balloon, and a couple other random things to buy. I've had some things fall through that I was counting on to get the food with, which completely sucks. I guess I need to remember that God will take care of us like always. [I write that to really make myself believe it, since I'm pissed right now.] I've already gotten Nick a couple little gifts, plus an awesome toy that we got for a product review.

Okay so on that note, see how I might be stressed the f out? Yeah. You may not see me until Sunday night or Monday morning. I had product reviews and a giveaway planned. I also had some other stuff that I usually do during the week, but I'm spreading myself too thin. I'm not butter y'all. You might see me on in between this for sanity relief. Hell, I might even get a review or giveaway up. But I can't promise it. I know I haven't, but it's on my calendar, so.. yeah. Don't worry, I will have a couple awesome giveaways starting next week.

Here's a sneak peek at the giveaways...
The best damn shampoo and conditioner maker around is giving away a gift card!
The cutest kids toys I've seen are giving a way an awesome spy bag
Super cute organic shirt, with such good "karma"

Leave me some love and I'll enter you in a special giveaway that I have planned [leave that email addy too :o)]


  1. I just hate being stressed!!! Call your Mom and beg her to come help,... That is what my Daughter does to me. I usually end up staying over night because she wants me there early to help. She even gets my Hubs helping.

  2. I am a new follower, stopping over from My Journey With Candida. I just started a blog, so I have 0 followers.
    About the stress, things have a way of working themselves out. The party is going to go off without a hitch. You will see that you stressed for nothing. Good Luck to you!

  3. Ouh, looks like I came to catch up with your blog at an awesome time. Special giveaway? My moms always told me i'm special. (half kidding, lol). (deveau2j (at)

    I also love the sound of the organic/karma tshirt. how can it not be awesome when described with those 2 words.

    ps. it sounds like your causing yourself extra stress for this birthday party. I'm sure everything is going to turn out wonderful with everything you already have planned!!

    pps. as for those parents who haven't RSVP'd, though luck to them. (yes, this is why I don't have kids yet. lol. no, I wouldn't really be able to be that mean. It'd be awesome though.)

  4. will be fine! If you need someone to talk to - you know I am here ;)

    laurakc181 at yahoo dot com

    You always to a fabulous job and if I lived near you I would come over and lend you a hand!

  5. Heya pretty lady - whatever happened to this? Just curious ;)


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