Saturday, August 20, 2011

Healthy Option Review

If you know me, then you know I love natural bath and body products. So I was so thrilled when Christian and Chasity of Healthy Options decided to work with me. I asked them to surprise me with the products that they would like reviewed. 

This is the black drawing salve. It works like the black salve that you can buy at the store. You put it on a boils and it pulls the head out. Sounds nasty, but if you get boils then you need it. I've tried both this natural and the commercial types, and the natural work just as well. I do believe that it's even cheaper than the commercial one, it's only $3.00. That's a steal!

 How sweet are these heart shaped soaps? We got the lavender soap, which I ended up testing on Nick. He had a reaction to coconut oil that is used it most natural soaps, or so I thought. I'm guessing it wasn't the coconut oil, but a different ingredient with another shop. He loved this soap, and loves that it's the shape we cut his pb&j sandwiches.

The crazy coffee lady strikes again! That's right, this is a cup o joe soap. I've been using this soap for awhile now, and it's uh-maze-ing. It just needs some more coffee scent for my liking. It wakes me up in the morning and exfoliates me skin while I clean.

These are the hedonistic desires bath soaks. They are wonderful! This is a 4 oz jar and you only use 1- 2 tbsp per bath. The have dead sea salts and whole vanilla beans just to name a few. The smell is amazing, and now I know why these are the desire bath soaks. And like everything else at this shop, they are more than affordable. $5.00 for these, what a great deal!

While I did receive these products to review, this is 100% my opinion.

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