Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good Morning Sunday

Good morning everyone! What a busy weekend I've had! I'd like to think that I'm going to relax today, but I doubt it, lol! Thursday night I went to my group conscience meeting and got voted in as the Secretary! Exciting!  Not that I don't already have enough stuff to do, but I guess I like to keep adding to my plate :o) Friday was a regular meeting night, and also the start of an awesome trading event! So you know, I just had to join in. I ended up getting a couple of trades on Friday night, and then Nickalaus kept me up until 5am!! Yup, I wanted to beat that kid, lol! Then I got up way  too early on Saturday, considering my lack of sleep. I took Mom to the post office, and came home to try to wake up and relax. The trade event was still going on yesterday, so I got busy trading. I traded quite a bit, maybe more than I should have? I scored some awesome stuff though, and got some Christmas shopping done! So that makes up for it, right? So needless to say, I have a ton of orders to fill, plus some ideas of things I want to make. And then last night I laid down at 9pm, because I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. I actually got some good sleep after 230am in the morning, when Nick quit yelling about his drink and I knew Jason was on his way home.

See my awesome dress that I got last week? It's by Jolt, and I love it!! I didn't think I would, but I just needed another dress. It's too hot to wear clothes in the south.

It's FOOTBALL SEASON!!! My mom got me a freaking awesome Colts jersey!! How cute is that?? Zebra, Manning, and Rhinestones. I love football, maybe even more than my husband. I don't think Peyton will be able to play the first game, but I guess that's okay. Let me stop there or I'll start bitching about the crappy 2nd string QB we have. 

I need to do some cleaning today. Pick up the room, change the sheets, do some laundry, and make something for dinner. Oh! That was the funny thing, I was cooking hamburger last night during the trade event. I forgot about it and ended up burning half of it, so I saved the other half for later. Maybe I'll make chilli? I don't know. Also, I know I forgot about Blog Stalkin this week, so I'll just make up for it next week.

Enough rambling from me! Have a great Sunday!

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