Sunday, July 31, 2011

Some Party Decor & EXCITING news!

Thursday I seen this post about the art of wearing a headband, plus a challenge. I've been pretty good about wearing them and dressing them up. In fact, I even made my own on Thursday!


Super simple rosette flower that I hot glued on to a thin head band. I love the simplicity, and it did make my outfit cuter. 

Yesterday my mom came over to help me work on Nick's party decor. She punched out a million little red, black, and yellow construction paper with a single hole punch. She also did the first coat of paint on a frame and the letter "n". I finished up the frame, and have to decide what I'm going to do with it now. I spent quite a while making a balloon wreath. 

I used roughly 125 balloons that were 12", and the same amount of greening pins. The trick that I found is to do 3 layers. For the top layer, pin the bottom of the wreath almost on the back of the wreath so the balloons hang over and cover the front. Also, rotate the wreath slowly to make sure that they are no bald spots. If there are, like there was on mine, then just fill them in with some random colors, no worry about which order the colors went.

On to my exciting news!!!!!!!!

Football season is starting! My team, The Colts [who I've been supporting since before they were good], are playing their first pre-season game on August 13th against the Rams. Our first regular season game is against the Houston Texans on September 11th. My favorite games are against the Texans, because my husband likes them. We have fun shit talking to each other during the game.

Here I am last year on one of the game days. I even have a Colts purse. I'm pretty hardcore about football season and my boys.


  1. How cute you look in your Colt shirt.... I gotta tell you though.... I am a Steelers fan through and through.

  2. LOL... forgot to tell you the headband is really cute too. I look terrible in headbands, so I just don't wear them.

    Your Mom's hands probably hurt from doing all the punching with the hole punch.

  3. Thanks Terry! Yeah her hands did hurt. Her hands, and my thumb lol. I like the Steelers too, but the Colts are my boys.

  4. Ummm...yeah. I'm not so sure we can be friends anymore. First of all I'm a die hard Lions fan and have been since before they got good. Oh wait...they still aren't what one would call "good". LOL Also, most aren't aware of this, but as a Lions fan you are required to have a backup team that you love, because they are a lot less likely to disappoint you. Well for me it's been The Patriots since Tom Brady was drafted there. I've been a fan of his since his days as a beloved Wolverine and still love him. Sooooo while Payton makes a great commercial, I'm not so sure I can be friends with someone who loves the Colts. :P

  5. Dang Lisa, just when I thought you were cool. You go and like the Patriots. Ugh :P Tom Brady is a lot hotter than Payton hands down. I guess we can just talk mad shit to one another during game time. The one game where the Colts & the Pat's play. That will be fun lol. bahahahah! This is why I adore you!

  6. LOL! I'm all about talking shit! Bring it! :P I find neither Payton or Tom attractive...Tom especially with his Justin Beiber haircut! When I saw he had that I came very close to no longer loving him. It was a close call, but I still pulled through. LOL :) BTW, do you play Fantasy Football? I wonder if we could get together a Fantasy Football league for bloggers... I think I'm going to post about it and see if there is any interest.
    Oh and as a side note: The Pats will be kicking the Colts ass this year, so be prepared! :P (Thought I'd get in some shit talking practice. ;) )

  7. What Tom got a Bieber hair cut? I can't stand that little brat. So Tom's not hot, loser lol. Yeah, I play when I find a league to get it. That would be awesome. On hell no, the Colts will be kickin some Pat's ass again this year "P


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