Friday, July 8, 2011

If you blog, you should read this

So why should you read this if you blog? Well, because I'm awesome and I said so :P Seriously, though.. in my short time I have learned quite a few things. I think they're common sense, but not everyone thinks the same way I do, fortunately for my husband. [haha!] So let's talk about some things you shouldn't be doing if you're a blogger.

1. Most important of all, don't require word verification on your comments. It's annoying, and that's why no one leaves you comments. Go look under your settings and scroll down to see if it's enabled. DISABLED IT!! Especially if you run giveaways.

2. Do you get emails from other bloggers replying to your comments? No? Wanna know why?? Because you're and we hate that. We want to interact with you. Go fix that.. check the comments area below and there's a tutorial on how to change it.

3. If you contact a company about a product review or giveaway, and they say no but offer a coupon for you to promote their product or shop... don't and I repeat don't do it. If you do, you are saying that you're not worth anything, lying to your readers if you haven't used the product, and making us all look like idiots. People want things for free, but guess what?? It doesn't work that way. Your payment is either money or the product, their payment is advertisement.

4. While we're talking about money, don't take $5 or even $10 to do a sponsored post. It's bullshit. You are worth more than that, and if you don't think so.. quit blogging! I'm serious, if you have that little thought about yourself, go return your computer. At the very least, you should be asking for $35 or $50 for a sponsored post of 300 words. Those sites that want to pay you that less, are doing it because someone f'ed it up for us. They think that's all we are worth. Let's show them we won't take it!!!

5. Quit bitching about how bad your life is. Yeah, everyone has their moments and it's okay to have a bitch fest ever once and awhile. Other wise, no one likes a whiney ass. Call your BFF, but chances are she doesn't want to hear it either. Edit** I need to say that I like assertive and outspoken people, by my previous statement I am referring to constant "my life is so awful" pity posts that are everyday posts.

6. 5 post that consist of a paragraph a day is dumb. Quit! If we like what you say, we will read it. Otherwise, you're just going to become annoying. Lump some of those post together. Get somewhat organized.

7. Organized, let's talk about it If your page is all over the place, it's distracting. Take down some of the affiliate links that you're not making money off of. Or use scroll boxes to clean it up some. Unless you're making lots of cash off of your ad's at the end of every post, loose them! It's not rocket science.

8. Don't be afraid to talk to people. I like most people, well I don't like stupid people, but who does? So if you think you can hang, then send me a line. I love making new friends, and so does most everyone. So go out there sport and make some new friends.

9. If you can't afford or don't know how to make your own layout design, and have to use the editor.. please don't go all Rave on us. If you have a light background, use a dark text.. and vice versa. People want to be able to read what you write. That goes for the font size as well, don't make it small. I'm going blind lol, and want to be able to read if I go to your site. So 12pt is normal, just so ya know.

10. Still on the layout, because it's important. Have links on your page if you do crafts, or printable. Whatever your main concept is, there should be a link at the top of your layout with a page that links to all of that topic. Also have a GFC gadget, relying on the top navigation bar isn't ideal. Do you have an about me/us page? Get one! If you don't know how to make a page, tell me. If enough people don't know I'll make y'all a tutorial :o)

11. Be yourself! We want to know you. You don't have to tell us everything, but give a good idea of who you are. If I met you in real life, I want to know I'm actually meeting you. So show us who are with a picture, and then tell us who you are.

12. Don't be afraid to ask for help. A lot of people are willing to help you out, because they've been there and know how it feels. So ask! The only stupid question is the one you don't ask.

13. If you're on blogger, switch to WordPress. Or if you don't, at least have the option to post as Name/URL in your comment area. Which I just did, thank you Katie!!

So this is just basic stuff, that I didn't really know to begin with either. Now, it's second nature to me. I'm not being a bitch, but I am being as honest as you're going to get. It's me. If you have something to add to the list leave it. If you think I'm wrong, tell me. I don't mind, you're surely not going to hurt my feelings :P Let me know if you need to know how to do one of the things, or something else. I may seem a little bitchy right here, but I am a nice person, promise!


  1. I agree, especially the layout part. I bought a cheaper layout but it is easy to look at and works well for me.

  2. Great list! Especially the Word verification - I hate that!!

  3. Great list. I don't agree about the word verification as I have no issue with commenting when that is a requirement. And, yep, I also ask for that on my blog as well. Didn't always want it, but after getting an ad post for "enhancement products"...I put it on my blog. I used to review all posts first...but that got tiresome.

  4. good list. A new blogger would never know she was giving herself away by excepting a coupon of part of the value, or about a small amount for an ad. thanks for the ideas & reminders :) ~Faythe

  5. Great list - I disagree on the bitching part and the paragraph part...I think if it's a person's blog they should do with it what the will and what feels right to them. :)


  6. I think all new bloggers should read this.

    Add another... if you're on blogger, switch to WordPress. Or if you don't, at least have the option to post as Name/URL in your comment area (you don't, btw)

  7. Good list! I wish i'd known not to sell myself short in the beginning. I am getting some better opps now that are worthy of my time.

  8. Thanks fro this post, I was looking for tips online and google sent me here. What about removing the ??
    Any idea


    The Dolls Factory

  9. Yes, if you look right above this comment box there is a link to take it off. It says "Are you a no-reply commenter? Don't be! Check out this tutorial Right Here! on how to make sure I can email you back after you comment me."


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