Friday, July 15, 2011

Flashback Friday 7.15.11

Firstly, thank you Lauren for stopping by. I would have forgotten to that today was Friday if you hadn't. You are a sweetie! xoxo!

So here I am in May of 2004. I was getting ready to go to my senior prom with my ex-husband, who was my boyfriend at the time. That is the infamous S-10 that I'm modeling. I had a lot of fun at my prom. It was a whole weekend. Day 1 was pre-prom at the High School which was pretty awesome. Day 2 was the Prom at Primose. Day 3 was the after prom at Kings Island. Oh how I miss Kings Island. Good times, tons of memories. Anyways, those were the carefree days, and then right after that.. bam! Life happens and you get to be a responsible adult. Which is fun, but sucks sometimes lol. Those high school days are behind me, but in my memory. I had a good time, but all my "friends" aren't really around anymore. Funny how your parents tell you that, and you say "yeah right!" Well it's true. I have 2 girlfriends from childhood, and we rarely talk. I have a ton of people on Facebook, and the majority of them don't talk to me lol. The ones who do are the ones I met since moving to Texas. I have met the best people, who are awesome. My AA friends still talk to me from Indiana too, not leaving you guys out :o) Anyways, I'm rambling on today. Nostalgic I suppose. 

Off to do a million things! xoxo!


  1. I love the dress! I kept in touch with a few friends from childhood but I was pretty much a loner back then.

  2. How cute were you?! I kept one friend from childhood, she's still my best friend, and the rest have faded away. Which is actually OK. Life moves on, you know?

  3. Thanks Heidi & Jenn! That dress is still in my closet in hopes that one day I'll be that skinny again. Yeah I had a small crowd through high school, until I had to move senior year. Then it was a fresh start for me, and I got along with most people there. Now, I don't really talk to any of them. My friend's Jared & Aaron occasionally. I'm the loner now haha!

  4. Oh good, glad I could persuade you to link up! Oh prom... so fun. Although my single-day-prom is feeling inferior to your entire-weekend-prom! :)

  5. Oh yeah I hear ya. My junior prom was 1 day, but the 3 day prom was when I moved to a bigger city. Pretty sweet.


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