Thursday, July 14, 2011

Craft & Printables: Blog Binder

I have seen a couple bloggers make a blog binder to organize themselves, but have yet to find the printables. So I have PS CS5, which I used to use more, and thought I'd just make my own. Of course I want to share my whole binder with you as well :o)

Some scrapbook paper and stickers with my blog name made it purdy!

My nickname on the back, I didn't have enough of those stickers for my whole name lol.

I got $.99 dividers from Target, although ideally I should have gotten 2.

This is my calendar section. Those are my weekly calendars, but I'd like to print out some blank calendars to remind me of monthly reviews, giveaways, projects, guest posts, and what not. The weekly blog calendars are printables from another blog, which I will edit when I find it.

For my ideas section, I have a notepad.

So when I take on a project then I can write it down and then the date of the blog post, or the goal at least lol.

I've signed up to do a couple guest posts lately and thought I should have somewhere to write them down. It would also work great for when I start doing guest blogs on my blog.

Very important. I get stuff in the mail and forget who it's from or the shop name, or even worse to write the post until last minute. This is idea for me and my forgetfullness.

I have to keep my journal pages in here. These are printables from another blog, which I will edit when I find it.

My momma's got a latte to do. These are printables from another blog, which I will edit when I find it.

My birthday party planner for Nick's 3rd birthday. These are printables from another blog, which I will edit when I find it.
So here are the printables: [Common Sense Rule: These are for personal use only, due not redistribute or sell]

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  1. You are so organized! Great job & really cute idea. I may have to try that one for myself!

  2. Thanks Lindsay! This is like the only part of my life that I'm organized on is the computer lmao!

  3. What a great idea! I really should make a blog binder miyself..I always have an idea or recipe I intend to blog about but with the busyness of days, sometimes they slip my mind. I'm your newest follower, I found you on Sassy Sites. Can't wait to get to know you better! I'd love for you to come check out my blog sometime!

  4. Hey lady, I just wanted to let you know I've got a giveaway happening over at Flashback Friday! It's been a while since I've seen you link up, so I thought you might like the heads-up.

    Great post, I think I'm totally going to use this idea. I could use a little more strategy in my blogging schedule

  5. Hey Lauren! Thanks for reminding me!! My brain is dead today hahah! I'm going to link up and check out that giveaway now! I'm so glad you like this idea, and I hope it works for you. I can only imagine how busy you are now with this link up :o)

  6. I totally love this idea. i always have a hard time staying organized or forget about things until it is way too late!! Thanks for sharing

  7. Thanks for sharing! I can't remember if I've ever posted my blog schedule sheet. I guess I should check and, if not, post it. :)

    Is that journal page from Grace is Overrated?

  8. I’m really a little bit jealous because I also have a calendar to organize my day but for me that is hard to stick to it. I will take from you the idea about writing down my ideas into calendar. That is a good idea because usually after several days I’ve already forgotten that brilliant idea because new one has come…. You inspired me and gave fresh energy to continue my efforts.

  9. Aww you're too sweet! I'm so glad I could help inspire you!! Is that your website or do you have a blog that's more about you? I'd love to follow you!


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