Friday, July 22, 2011

Craft: No Print Business Cards

So I have some business card paper, but decided I'd rather not print them off of the computer. I had another idea.

So here's what I started with... business card paper, paint, and a foam brush. 

I was drawn to this yellow color, and wanted to different colors to work with.

The pretty purple. You just paint them. I went over mine twice and let the dry. If they curl up you can always sit some books on them after they dry.

The I took my custom stamp that I bought from 1313 Designs and stamped it on my cards. You could use alphabet stamps as well to spell out what you want. The stamps are cheaper then what you'd pay for ink or to buy custom cards.

It worked perfectly! Well it would be better if I had black ink instead of blue, but ya gotta work with what ya got.

Then I decided that they were too plain. I got my Xacto knife, scissor, ribbon, and Elmers glue strip thingy.

I cut slits with my Xacto knife in the card. Then I cut some ribbon that was slightly longer than the card, and started weaving.

I just weaved the ribbon in and out of the card. It's looking purdy all ready!

Okay it's all weaved, but what happens if one of the ends get pulled? You're back were you started at.

So put a little tape glue or whatever suits your fancy and then press the ribbon back down to the card.

And there you are!

Some other versions I've tried. Plain Jane, Bow with Twine, Button with Twine to make a loop.

And here's my yellow card weaved all purdy!

So what do you think? Pretty easy right? I thought so. Show me if you do something similar or have a different idea for it. 

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  1. That turned out great. My Hubs needs a few cards for some necklaces and card markers he is making. I am going to have to get creative.

    I bet you could make some really cute Christmas cards.

  2. These turned out really cute.

  3. Cute! Such a great idea! The customized stamp looks like so much fun! I like how you used ribbon too!

  4. Thanks Stephanie!! The stamp is fun, and it wasn't expensive at all, like $22. So if you consider how much printer ink or getting cards done costs, you'd be saving quite a bit :o)


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