Monday, July 18, 2011

Al capone and gelato

So I was looking at a recipe last night, and had an interesting conversation with Jason.

Me: Have you ever had marscapone gelato hunny?
Jason: Is that like Al Capone's cousin?
Me: No lol!
Jason: Well gelato is like an italian ice cream.
Me: Yea I know. I think it like a cheese like cream cheese. It calls for 8 oz.
Jason: How do you spell it
Me: m-a-s-c-a-p-o-n-e, marscapone
Jason: Marscapone lol, mascapone. Is that like warsher?
Me: huh?
Jason: Wooow theres no "R". Damn... your on a roll tonight babe.
Me: lmfao, I even spelled it wow.
Jason: Yeah I know wtf
Me: I should blogg some of our conversations. I'm sure some people would find then entertaining.

Bahaha! I just had to share that. We have conversations like this a lot. And we joke that he didn't marry me for my brains lol! I am smart, just blonde moments tend to take over quite often. Here is the recipe that sparked this conversation.


  1. LOL... Men... ya gotta love em.

    My Hubs would kill for that gelato. When he was young, his Aunt would make gelato for them on a hot summer day.

  2. I'm stopping by from the "follow me back or else blog hop". I'd love it if you'd stop by my blog and follow me back! LOL I'm sorry I just couldn't resist being a smart you-know-what. I'm feeling fiesty today!

    Anyways, what a hysterical convo between you and the hubby. Don't feel bad I have a lot of blonde moments too! My step-dad used to always tease me and ask if I died my hair dark. LOL

  3. Hey Terry! Yeah I know right, men are.. special let's say hahah!

    Hey Lisa! You totally cracked me up. I love smart asses, I married one lol. My dad always asks when I'm dying my hair back to blonde. It won't dye blonde anymore though, my hair must be tired of the comments haha!


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