Monday, June 13, 2011


What a spectacular day!.. not! LOL!!! This is not a bitch fest, trust me :P So what am I "FML'ing" about? Well yesterday I went to a district meeting with my dad and my phone was working fine. Then I got back to Mom & Dad's and set me phone down. I put my niece down for a nap and came back. Now, nobody touches my phone, nothing was spilled, just freaked out. The screen started turning purple and black. Now it's almost all the way black and I can only call numbers that I know, which is only Jason. So yeah! To the Sprint store I go. I did however, do my research, and it seems that it's a screen defect that the manufacturers new about. WTG Samsung! So, hopefully they just replace it, and I have a phone when I leave. If not, then I'm probably S.O.L until it's fixed. 


  1. Hopefully they'll have a similar phone like yours at the store! They had to order mine, and I had to wait a couple of days, when something similar happened to me...

  2. UGh! That stinks! phones are such a pain!


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