Thursday, June 9, 2011

Black Rose Bath Review

I contacted Debbie about doing a product review. Her products are organic, and I loved that about them. I have extremely sensitive and problem skin, so anymore it's organic or bust! She graciously agreed and sent me some wonderful products that I will tell you about shortly. First I want to tell you about Debbie:

"I began making bath products for my family last year and was addicted to making it that i wanted to come and sell it online. Craft shows are also where i sell my jewelry as well as my bath products.

I currently live in the southern california area and have done so for 40 years and wouldnt trade it for anything!

Very creative with jewelry and also sell it here on etsy:"

This is Tranquil Mist Sugar Scrub. It works great! Seriously a must have for me, and I will be buying the full size shown here. I was surprised to learn that it has lychee in it, as I really hate that fruit but love it on my face.  It took all the dead skin off of my face, and left it soft and smelling great! It also has blueberry seeds, which you can see in there. Oh I love it! I could go on and on about this product. Go buy it now!! I'm not just saying that either. It's on my to buy list come payday!

I actually gave this Rain soap my mom to try out. She said she liked it, but said it dried out her skin. I think it might just be her skin, or maybe she needs some of that sugar scrub I raved about. It's made with the same basic properties as the one below and I loved it. 

I used this Lemon Verbena soap. I loved this soap, and I'm still using it! My son even loves it. You can tell that you're actually clean, because unlike regular soap, the water actually goes away from you skin like little water bubbles. My old soap left this oily feeling after I used it.

I highly recommend y'all go check out Debbie's shop, Black Rose Bath. These 3 products above are just a small sample of what this wonderful woman has to offer. 

While I did receive free products for this review, it did by NO means alter my opinion in any way. This is my 100% honest opinion on they above mentioned. For my full disclosure policy, please look at the PR Friendly link.

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