Friday, June 10, 2011

Craft: Patriotic Summer Wreath

I started with this grapevine wreath and this awesome fabric. I was going to use a regular rounded wreath, but it was too small. So I cute the stray wood on the wreath with wire cutters instead.

My handy dandy, GLUE GUN! I love my glue gun.

I hot glued the end of the fabric to the wreath and started wrapping. I ended up needing another small piece to finish, and then hot glued it to fabric when I finished.

I had this ribbon and decided I was going to make a bow. I took 8 strips of 2"  or so. The length depends on how big you want the bow to be. Then I folded them in half and hot glued the ends.

I did that to 4 strips and them hot glued them together, like so. I made 2 sets of 4.

Then I put some hot glue on the ends and glued the 2 sets together.

I cut another strip of fabric to wrap around the middle.

I again, hot glued the center. Now it looks like a bow.

I had some chipboard letters, so I spelled "America" and hot glued them to the same ribbon. Then I hot glued the ribbon to the wreath like a banner.

Here's my finished wreath with some cute fake flowers on there too. It was pretty simple and I did this in 10 minutes. It replaced my spring wreath!

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  1. I like your wreath, I make them with puzzle pieces, also I make them with plastic bags. Love your blog!!

  2. Thanks Tia! Puzzle pieces & plastic bags?? I'm off to check out your blog :o)


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