Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You had me at hello...

See this handsome guy? This is the man I fell in love with back in 2006. We were friends for about 3 years before we even thought of liking each other, or maybe that was my perspective. We both played an online game called Soldier of Fortune II. We were both in the "clan" together and talked on Ventrillo and MSN from time to time, mostly about game and clan stuff. We'd usually small chat, but nothing too major. Then in June of 2006, we started talking more. I was going through a rough time, and he was there for me. We started talking on MSN everyday for hours, and then we'd text or talk on the phone. Somewhere along the line we fell in love. We actually said "I love you" before we even met face to face. 

In July he made plans to fly to Kentucky. I had a friend living in Bowling Green and was staying with her for a bit. So Jason flew into Louisville August 19, 2006. I wish I remembered the time, but I know it was between 3p-5p. I picked him up from the airport. I was super nervous, plus I got lost going to this stupid airport lol! So we met, and kissed [of course], and ran away to The Hampton Inn for the night [hehe]. We had Denny's for dinner and got to enjoy some cuddle time that night. We left the next morning at check out to drive to Bowling Green at my friends house. He even took care of me while I was sick one day while he was there. He bought me medicine, breakfast in bed, and made sure I got better. We enjoyed our small week together, and sadly he had to go back home to Texas. I stole his shirt to sleep with at night, it smelled like him. We said goodbye, and I cried. 

We talked and talked on the phone for hours when he got home. We started talking about the future day, how we would be together so far away. We were talking about were we lived and who would want to move, or be wiling to at least. Honestly, as a little girl, I always wanted to go to Texas. I didn't really want to leave my family, but I said that I would move down there. So, we made plans. He would work on getting me a plane ticket so that I could move down there. So in October, we started talking about December and me coming down. We got the ticket and time, and I got on a plane for the very first time and headed to Houston, Texas. My parents were both upset that I was leaving, and neither had met Jason. They probably thought I was crazy. Um, who are we kidding, they already knew that. I left at the butt crack of dawn, and go to Houston around 1030a. Jason was actually late getting me, thanks to my mom lol. She was on the phone with him for quite awhile. It was so nice to be in his arms again. & this time it wasn't temporary, it was permanent. 

That first week, we took our very first picture of us. It's still my favorite picture of us.

The rest of our story is saved for another time. He said the sweetest thing today that made me want to write about all of this. He was gaming and talking to some people on the game. He told a couple gamers that the best thing that happened to him while being in a clan was that he met his wife. Awwww! Yup, that's why I love him.


  1. What a lovely story! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  2. I thought I was reading about me and my hubbys love affair..After a divorce and swearing I would NEVER marry again I was introduced to him.... We played spades in the MSN Gaming Zone with 14 other friends... We have been happily married for 7 years now and are still on our honeymoon!

  3. Thearica, that's awesome! Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for the little tip as well :o)


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