Friday, May 20, 2011

Who not to go to for car problems

Do you know which automotive shop logo this is? Yup, Christian Brothers. Last year the Trooper was taken there by Jason's aunt, who at the time owned the Trooper. The Trooper was doing the same thing as it was before it stopped on me, not turning over all the time when you tried to start it. So they test the battery system and found the negative battery cable was faulty. The replaced it and then told his aunt all this other crap that "had to be changed soon or it would go out". She believed them because car's aren't something she knows well. She ended up spending $1,000 there. So I call them since the warranty is still good with them. Christian Brothers told me since they didn't find anything wrong other than the negative battery cable that they wouldn't fix it for free. They didn't change it or find it, so they couldn't do it for free. So I asked why is it that they didn't feel the need to look into the issue further other than just testing the battery. I basically got the run around from them. I wasn't happy with their service and plan on letting their corporation know.

Tru Line called me this morning to let me know that the starter was the problem. Hmm.. that should have been fixed last year by Christian Brothers and with all the other crap they "found" to fix, surely that should have been on their list. Anyways, to fix the starter is going to be $250, and since it's $200 for the part alone, I'm having the shop fix it rather than my brother. We can't afford to get it done until the 31st of this month, but the guy was nice about it and said he'd have it ready on the 31st for us to pick up and pay. I thought that was really nice of him. These guys are straight forth and down to earth people. If we ever have any other big repairs, I will be going back to them. I'd rather help out smaller business than the big ones who really don't care about their customers anyways.

Here's the lesson for the day:
Take your vehicle to the local small business and quit throwing away your money to the big businesses.


  1. I feel the exact same way about Walmart! When they started "deleting" their fabric sections...I decided I didn't need to go there for groceries. Plus, their meat is crap! So, I do only local groceries now. Have not been inside a Walmart for at least 6 months. I can not tell you how much money that has saved me!

  2. I agree Kathy. I can't stand Walmart, and avoid it as much as I can. I try to go to HEB, Food town, and Target for grocery and household needs. Target sells Seventh Generation green products and they're cheaper there then at Walmart. Ever since the father died and the kids took over they have ran Walmart to the ground. Their customer service is awful, they treat their employees like crap, their prices aren't the best, and it's a horrible shopping experience. Thanks for stopping by Kathy!


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