Sunday, May 15, 2011

What's under the bed?

What's under YOUR bed, the kids bed...the dogs bed... the cats bed.

Remember when the answer to that question was monsters? LOL! While searching for a fitting picture, I cam a across of IT the clown, omg I'm deathly afraid of clowns. That guy gave me nightmares for a good year.

Back to the question, what's under my bed? Oh lord, what isn't under there? Nick loves to throw stuff behind the headboard and hide stuff under the bed. Just yesterday I found a yucky milk cup under the bed :/ Pretty disgusting. When I let the dog in here, she hides under there. I have an old "vintage" [haha!] laptop, trash, toys, slippers, and some other random stuff. Yes, I need to clean out from under there. It's hard to get under neath of there, so I usually turn it into a game with Nick. Yup, I'm a tricky momma.

Under Nick's bed.. hard to believe, but nothing. Sadly his bed isn't on a frame lol. So there is no underneath. I need to look around, because I swear there's a bed frame in the garage. It leaves a lot of fun for the headboard to me. Although I am considering a bunk bed with a full bed on top and desk underneath in a couple of years. 

The dog sleeps on my couch, and there's usually some random toys and occasionally some socks under it. Not to mention the dog hair that I'm forever cleaning up. 

So what are you hiding under the beds?

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