Saturday, May 7, 2011

A very painful day

Yesterday I woke up in pain and assumed it was a kidney infection, so I took a lot of cranberry pills. I also took some pain pills and that didn't help much. So then I didn't sleep well last night and the pain was still severe if not worse. I called my mom at 630 this morning and she came and got Nick & I to take my to the ER. We got there, I was in the room pretty quick, with it being so early. I was in more pain the I had been, to the point of crying. So they hooked up an IV, took some blood, and gave me some pain medicine. I was there from 730a to 230p. I had a cat scan done and it showed that I have cysts on my ovaries. Now like last year when I had my MRI for my back, they seen a small cyst of my ovary, but it was small and didn't appear to be a problem. Now that I have multiple, it is a problem. So I have to make an appointment with my OBGYN Monday morning. They were going to admit me, but my mom is a nurse so the doctor said as long as she stays with then, then I could go home. So I have a catheter in, with a leg pocket [I think that's what it's called]. The cysts are causing my bladder to not empty completely. So yeah, I'm worried about what's going to happen. I know that they'll have to go in and see if the cysts are cancerous or not, and possibly take my ovaries. I'm on an antibiotic, anti nausea, pain killer, and something else. My brother Ryan came and took Nick to my dad not long after I got my IV. Nick was upset that they might be hurting me and it was upsetting to see him upset. So I'm a little out there and need to lay back down. So that's how my day has been. Oh yeah, and Mom is staying with us to take care of me.

Oh and thank you all for the donations!!! So far we have $58!!


  1. Oh Kassandra! You just can't catch a break! I'm so sorry you are feeling so badly! I'll say a little prayer; and you just know that you have friends out here in cyber space that are cheering for you to get better quick!
    Hoping and praying that all works out for the best!

  2. oh my word girl. i hope everything is ok. praying for the best for you. i am sorrry you are having to go through this. so sweet that nick thought they were hurting you. but god will make you all better! Muah :)

  3. Good golly, girl! Firstly, I am VERY glad that you went to the ER. Secondly, don't buy in on worry just because it's on sale. Most the time, ovarian cysts are nothing....painful nothing, though it may be.

    Praying for you, hun.

  4. I am sorry honey. I hope that you will feel better and I will keep you in my prayers.


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