Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Take a moment, if you will

{Click on the picture to read the story, please}
I know it has been a couple of weeks, but if you haven't read this post please do. I don't have much time left to save them. At the rate I'm going, it isn't looking good either. I'm trying to be positive, while I know anything is possible, at this point we have $60 of $1,900. It'd be great if we could get closer. So if all you can do is re-post and tell your readers, believe me that would help a lot! So please, whatever you can do, do it. No, you're not going to win a prize for doing so.. but the karma and happiness you will get from helping someone else is much better. Thanks everyone! Yall are great :o)


  1. You may not get enough out of donations to save them. Have you thought about asking local stores? Maybe getting a loan from the bank?

  2. Hey Ash! I hadn't thought about local stores. I just sent the story to the local papers in hopes that something will come of it. Thanks for the tip love!


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