Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saturday, why did you trick me?

So, my Saturday started out great. My neighborhood had our annual garage sale going on and my parent's neighborhood had one as well. So Mom came over and her, Nick, and I took my Trooper out for the garage sale. The first house we hit was my gold mine.

We got Nick A-Z books, Sesame Street book, & I got a Nicholas Sparks book. We paid $2 something for all of those. Sweet!

We found this awesome Crayola game for $2

He got a bag of legos for $.25 I think? Not totally sure on this one.

I got both pictures of wood above & the tote for $1. This was my gold mine! My mind was racing with all the stuff I could make with this. A crafter's dream come true!

Sounds like a great day, right? Or so we thought. Okay so we went to Mom's neighborhood and that were we scored the Crayola game. We went to get back into my Trooper. Went to start it and guess what? Yup, it wouldn't turn over.. only click. So my brother came and pulled us to Mom's house. We did some work, had the battery tested, replaced the ground connection, and check everything. Well it turns out it's the ignition. The same thing that was supposed to have been fixed when it was taken to the shop last April. Good thing it had a 12,000 mile warranty with Christian Brother's. So I will be calling them Monday morning, and they can tow the truck and fix what they should have fixed a year ago. Ugh! So yes, Saturday tricked me. However, I didn't let this little mishap ruin my day. Nick & I had pizza for dinner and I picked up the kitchen. Then we played with some play doh and his scissors. It was a good night, just a little downer during the day.

So how was your Saturday? It's prime garage sell time, did you score anything good today?

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